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Honey Bee detail

Honey Bee detail

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Hello, I'm Sarah (and the Illustrator behind Doodleicious)

​​​What is the scariest thing to do?... I think it's to leave your comfort zone, your regular salary, your safe life and embark (or rather free fall) on a totally new path in life

That's exactly what I have just done, but do you know what? I simply couldn't get to the end of my life and regret not taking the plunge and following a dream that I have had since childhood.

I booked a trade stand at the NEC Spring Fair in 2017 with around 40 Greeting card designs and am now selling to shops in the UK, with the numbers growing each week. I went full time with Doodleicious Art Ltd at the beginning of January 2018 and to date I have well over 300 designs in my Collection that are available as Greeting cards and Art Prints

​My degree was in Textiles Design, specialising in embroidery and loving intricate detail. I have always doodled using intricate pattern and floral detail and have had the same style since childhood.

 My Inspiration comes from natural form, patterns, colour and contrast in nature. 












I create depth by altering the scale and colour of my pattern within form. The designs start out in the sketchbook and I use a the finest fine liner pen I can find to draw out the detail in the particular design.

I then use Watercolour pencils to find the perfect balance of colour.

There's not enough time in the day sometimes as I'm bursting with ideas... and in a world full of deadlines, dashing around & constant pressure, drawing is one way in which I can lose myself and experience another place and 'flow'. ( .. now I''m doing this full time though.. so don't quote me on that!)

Please don't hesitate to contact me for bespoke work or commissions. I do have some original illustrations for sale and limited edition prints available.

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